Programs & Job Training

STARC is about helping people with intellectual and developmental disABILITIES by providing a lifetime of Services, Training, Advocacy, Resources and Community connections.  This is done in lots of ways, from providing therapeutic treatment to child care to job training.  Since STARC’s inception in 1972, STARC has helped thousands of people.

While STARC has grown through the years, the services still involve reaching out to people with intellectual and developmental disABILITIES to connect them with the community and to encourage recognition of the unique and varied abilities that lie within everyone including those who have been labeled as “disABLED”.  You might say that STARC is in the business of building independence, day by day and step by step.

STARC programs and services help individuals lead meaningful, productive, and fulfilling lives.  From early intervention services for infants with developmental delays to elderly services for seniors, STARC provides services to people of all ages throughout the Florida parishes (St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Washington, Livingston, and St. Helena).


STARC provides information and referral to individuals currently receiving services and supports and to those seeking services. STARC strives to provide the most current and comprehensive access to information. We partner with many community and state agencies to ensure individuals and families receive the highest quality and most efficient level of support.

Listed below are some of STARC’s partnerships:

  • Louisiana Alliance of Independent Providers: 985-641-0197
  • Northshore Community Foundation: 985-893-8757
  • Florida Parishes Human Services Authority: 985-871-8300
  • United Way: 985-875-302
  • Families Growing Together: 985-641-0197
  • CARSA: 225-343-8811
  • Employment Development Services: 800-927-1610
  • Department of Health and Hospitals/NISH/AbilityOne : 571-226-4660
  • Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities:1-866-783-5553
  • Louisiana Rehabilitation Services: 225-342-3111

As always, STARC welcomes the opportunity to explore new partnerships.