STARC Art brings out the creative gifts of individuals with disABILITIES by pairing them with local artists.



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Works of Heart

STARC Art brings out the creative gifts of individuals with disABILITIES by pairing them with local artists. They work together with a variety of media to create beautiful pieces that are then displayed and sold throughout the state.

These unique and fruitful partnerships offer individuals enrolled in STARC programs or receiving STARC services, the opportunity to explore their artistic sides. Even more important is the sense of pride, accomplishment and personal growth attained with every work of art. Please consider adding one of these meaningful pieces to your collection!

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Catherine enjoys creating art, watching TV, listening to music, shopping, dining out, going to movies, parties, picnics, and attending church.


Chad has one brother and one sister. He loves to go bowling, participate in the Louisiana Special Olympics, and have the opportunity to display his artistic talents.


Heaven enjoys music and is a bit of a night owl. She loves listening to Christian music and attending Church services.


Matt has worked at a pizza place for over 10 years. He enjoys bowling, drawing, going to dances and listening to music. He also enjoys spending time with his Grandfather.


Patty enjoys socializing with her friends and family at church, home, work and in the community. Her favorite activities include creating art, going bowling and listening to music.


Terri loves riding her bike, creating art, going to the movies, going bowling and visiting with friends and family. She also enjoys participating in the Louisiana Special Olympics.