Rocket’s Red Glare Birdhouse


Decorative Birdhouse

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Created by STARC Artist Leesa.

Wooden decorative birdhouse. Great decor for any porch or sunroom. No Shipping on this item.

Shipping or local pickup available.

STARC Art is a program that provides enrichment opportunities for individuals with disABILITIES served through STARC. With support, guidance, and instruction, STARC Artists have the opportunity to explore their own unique, God-given, artistic talent and the general public sees an ABILITY rather than a dis-ABILITY.

About the Artist

Leesa enjoys taking pictures of her family and friends. She also enjoys eating out at different restaurants in her free time. Leesa works in Vocational Skill Bead room at STARC. She always has a warm greeting to everyone she meets.


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